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The band consists of 3 brothers and two mates. We play music because its fun. We have just recorded our demo @ http://www.sunrisestudio.com.au. Check it out. Great equipment, very affordable and knows his stuff. Its taken a while to get this together as we have always been somewhere else and never really in the same city but now we are and here we are. Enjoy. When you hear tracks like “Into The Office” there is some sort of frenzied buzz, a weird feeling that just says this is it. I can’t really explain the feeling, or even how one discovers such frenzy. It’s just a demo that rules, basically. (Philippe, The Band Next Door) I work with Ms. Cheek. She's been banging on about Loon Lake. She blasts them whenever I turn down what I'm listening to. She's relentless with her volume knob. Which is OK. Because now I'm a convert. (Richard Kingsmill, Triple J) ‘Into The Office’ is one of the first demos released by Loon Lake and it’s super promising. The sounds like a demo, yeah, but I’m really hoping they retain this loose, lo-fi feeling. Even if even every band this side of Eddy Current is trying to record thirty minute albums in twenty minutes, Loon Lake genuinely sound like dudes chilling with guitars in their garage. Doesn’t hurt that the hook in the chorus is a killer as well. In the increasingly crowded Australian garage rock market, these guys manage to stand out without ever sounding like they’re trying. (Matt Hickey, whothehell.net).) There's a fun, raw quality to each of their recordings, crazy amounts of hooks and guitar riffage that makes me smile. Easy Chairs explodes with power pop guitars, off kilter vocals and high notes that maybe can't quite be hit but just add to the charm with their crack at the top. (Zan Rowe, triple J) Read more: http://www.myspace.com/weareloonlake Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.=====

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