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Alex Giannascoli---whose stage name is "Alex G" and was temporarily "(Sandy) Alex G"---is a multi-instrumentalist from Philadelphia that has studied at Temple University, serving as a member of The Skin Cells. In general, he works as a guitarist and singer. He started his career with DIY self-releases on Bandcamp and began building up an audience with his label debut, DSU (2014), released on Orchid Tapes to critical acclaim from various publications.

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  Alex G - Sarah 2:57
  - Mary 3:18
  Alex G - Break 2:58
  Alex G - Mary 3:17
  - Sarah 2:57
  - 16 Mirrors 1:28
  Alex G - Gnaw 3:22
  - Treehouse 2:39
  - Advice 2:38
  Alex G - Sandy 2:43
  - Animals 2:54
  alex g - sloth 1:52
  alex g - change 2:09
  Mary - alex g 2:53
  - Change 2:05