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Pink Guy was one of George Miller's alter-egos in the internet comedy show, "The Filthy Frank Show" who was a very talented rapper. He debuted with a comedy self-titled album that contained mostly the songs previously made for The Filthy Frank show, however he also produced some new material. After his much-awaited album titled "Pink Season" released on the 4th of January 2017, it quickly went up on international charts and several of it's singles stayed in top ten positions for weeks after release.

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אמנים דומים: Rich Brian, Higher Brothers, 88rising, Tiny Meat Gang, Yung Gravy
  PINK GUY - STFU 3:45
  - PINK LIFE 3:09
  - RICE BALLS 3:23
  PINK GUY - HELP 2:46
  PINK GUY - STFU 3:45
  - ASIAN PIZZA 2:26
  PINK GUY - FURR 2:05
  - Rice Balls 3:17