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There are 3 artists/bands named Partition 1. Check out our music at Thebandpartition. Partition are from London. We began in 2001. We are proud of our influences but struggle to pin our music down to a particular genre. Lo-fi certainly. Most people would call us 'indie' but we see this as more of a description of our approach (running our own record label) than a type of music. We are fed up of hearing about indie, or 'indy'?!, bands signed to major record labels.

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אמנים דומים: Perth Amboy, Merry Ellen, Finn Daniel, Paramour, Sarah Class
  - Partition 1:35
  - room 1:17
  - Pibby 1:44
  - Lay and Out 2:40
  - hack 1:30
  - Doors 2:36
  - pipe 1:12