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Babyfather is an experimental hip-hop project of enigmatic British artist Dean Blunt, previously known as one half of the duo Hype Williams. Presented as a quintet including DJ Escrow, Lady T (TYSON), Triumph Allah (Lord Tusk) and Gassman D, the project's recordings are fractured collages of dub rhythms, aggressive rapping, and bursts of harsh noise. Blunt initially titled a free online EP Babyfather in 2015; later in the year, he issued a mixtape titled UK2UK credited to Babyfather.

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אמנים דומים: Dean Blunt, Hype Williams, Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland, James Ferraro, Inga Copeland
  - 1471 1:44
  - Hunt 1:22
  - Skywalker 3:34
  - MANNA 1:45
  - Bubble 3:53
  - Deep 3:12
  - Motivation 2:04
  - God Hour 2:36
  - Cookies 1:52
  - back2mine 2:49
  - Freedom Dub 2:37
  - Greezebloc 1:45