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Roy Nnawuchi (born in Hackney, East London), better known by his pseudonym Dean Blunt, is a British musician, singer-songwriter, record producer, and conceptual artist. Blunt is best known for both his solo work and his partnership-based creations with avant-garde groups Hype Williams (featuring himself and Inga Copeland) and more recently, Babyfather; he was also the co-founder of London rock band Graffiti Island. He has been described as "a prolific, category-rejecting artist" and "an art-pop provocateur."

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אמנים דומים: Babyfather, Hype Williams, Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland, bo khat eternal troof family band, Bar Italia
  - 100 3:21
  - Rinsed 1:47
  - LUSH 1:59
  - STOOZY 2:05
  - HEAVY 1:59
  - Progression 3:48
  - AVAILABLE 1:41
  - 9 1:28
  - PUNK 2:35